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Pest Control Services


Since 2003 Dowie Pest Control has been preventing and solving pest problems in central Iowa with an implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. 


The core to Integrated Pest Management is to identify a specific pest and to eliminate any aspect of the pest’s triangle of life (food, water, shelter).  We incorporate IPM into all types of pest management programs, starting with inspection, identification of pests and their contributing conditions. We then talk to you about corrective action and follow up with a monitoring program to assess results and determine possible future control modifications.


Bat Exclusion


As our reputation and customer base grew, we started to get calls from people asking if we could help with Bats. So in 2006 we expanded our services to Bat exclusion. Our experience and knowledge in both pest control as well as Jim's prior experience with home construction, made bat exclusion a logical fit. We will examine your home to determine where the bats are getting in. Then allow the bats to exit your home. Once all bats are out of the home, the entry points will be repaired to prevent bats from re-entering.


Handyman Services


In 2009 we expanded our services provided to our customers once again by offering handyman services. This allows us to provide a complete home service package to our customers. We do not do major remodels but are able to handle most handyman repairs, maintenance or seasonal projects that you need done around the house.


Whether you are having problems with Insects, Bats or any type of wildlife, Dowie Pest Control is here to help solve your problem and prevent future ones. For all other projects that you need done around the house, Dowie Handyman Services can help!